First released on New Year 2024, Up To $400 Off EB-MX60



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Don Fink

I am 5’10” about 165 and i hit 34 on the street easy. The design is comfortable. The suspension is great. The overall look is like a retro motorcycle. I ride to work and there is a steep hill to tackle and it still holds 16-20mph without peddling. I had an issue with condition upon first assembly however, customer service reached out immediately and compensated me in addition to sending replacement parts within days. I can’t say enough good things about this machine. If you are looking for a city cruiser that turns heads, this is the one.


Perfect shape, like to sell it back for 250 less than I bought it for?? Only rode it maybe 3 miles. Like I said absolute perfect shape…Lately to busy to cruse it.


i get at least 3 complements a day. not alot of people see these around. honestly i use it to go to work gym then home. and it’ll get me there in one charge, in that day at least. but there’s outlets everywhere now and days i take out the battery to charge it at work. beats traffic literally. being able to take a mix of sidewalk and street riding literally cuts traffic . being equivalent to having a car. i honestly have a few new ride suggestions to honestly make it better cause i swear everyone is going electric. like maybe later on faster bikes and a few model adjustments it’s a good investment people would buy if it went 45. a lot of people ask me and i feel like a salesman cause they ask all the questions. 🤷🏽‍♂️ i would invest in a faster better bike by your company is all i’m saying . but this bike so far is my reliable ride. if u take care of it and read the pamphlet.